There is victory in Jesus!  Welcome to at HIS feet productions!  We don’t perform as often as we desire, however, I’m grateful that each performance due to wonderful talent, set design, and impeccable graphics has rendered at HIS feet productions much appreciated recognition and accolades.

How ’Bout That!

The first story in the “Baldwin” trilogy that precedes the Deal With It! and We are Family! productions/stories.

On the surface, the Baldwins appear to have everything imaginable in life. Successful owners of Baldwin Mutual & Life, the number one insurance agency in the state of Texas, and having accumulated millions of dollars in luxuries and securities, what more could a wealthy, prosperous family ask for?

How about freedom from guilt, alcohol addiction, and a family reconciliation … all the commodities that money can’t buy?

Though the issues are grave, they are revealed and resolved in an extremely hilarious, and witty comedy that take place in the setting of the Baldwin Estate as the rich, snobby children of tyrant, and tremendously contrasted ‘rough around the edges’, Johnnie Mae Baldwin, plan a birthday party for their impossible to please mother.

Come embellish in the beautiful moments with the Baldwin family that will provoke you to say, How ’Bout That!

Deal With It

The Baldwins are at it again!  Though the pressures of life attempt to weight them down, Johnnie Mae and the family demonstrate how to press on and “deal with” their giants in order to cross to the place of victory!  This is the continuation story of, How ’Bout That! and is only part two of the trilogy series written by Houston playwright, Donnetta Amos of at HIS feet productions.

We Are Family

We Are Family! is another timeless piece that deals with relative issues many are currently facing.  This economic turmoil has shaken the very lives of countless individuals.  Thankfully, the Baldwins are equipped, and return to demonstrate how to stick together through it all!  As each guest sits in his seat, my desire is that you will not only be entertained, but ministered to through the dedicated works of these actors.  I desire that you’d feel the place each portrayed character comes from, and receive the clear message that you, too, can sustain and overcome obstacles through love and a firm foundation.

This is a show for the people.  I’m thrilled to present to you this debut performance of, We Are Family!  Even the more, I’m elated that I now have a ‘Baldwin’ series collection that is worthwhile.  First, we brought you, How ’Bout That! followed by Deal With It!  And now… We Are Family!  As last time, and again I say, since you made it out, please take time to embellish in the beautiful moments with the ‘Baldwin’ family in their farewell story, We Are Family!